The future of investigative journalism

Nov 8, 2012

Last month, the University of Missouri School of Journalism gave eight individuals the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism. Three of the winners are investigative journalists; they joined Global Journalist to discuss what inspired them to go into the profession, as well as how it continues to change.

John Ferrugia is an investigative journalist and news anchor at KMGH-TV in Denver. He's produced quite a few television news reports that resulted in new laws, and created changes in public policy, government and public safety in Colorado. John has been honored with the the industry’s most prestigious awards. He’s also from a small town near Columbia, and graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism.

Jeff Leen is an assistant managing editor at the Washington Post, and in charge of the newspaper’s investigative unit. He's worked on seven Washington Post investigations that were honored with Pulitzer Prizes. Those include Hurricane Andrew’s impact on south Florida, abuse in D.C. group homes, and the September 11th plot. Leen also graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism.

Umar Cheema is an investigative reporter for the Pakistani newspaper The News. He writes on corruption, politics and national security. Cheema has continually risked his life to report from inside Pakistan. And last year, he received the International Press Freedom Award.