GM fish and meat would be labeled, under proposed Senate bill

Jan 22, 2013

Credit Kathleen Masterson / Harvest Public Media

All genetically modified meat and fish raised and sold in Missouri would have to be labeled as such, under legislation filed in the State Senate.  It’s sponsored by Democrat Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis. 

She says genetically modified fish and meat are banned in some European countries: “I’m not saying that there is a health risk…(the) only thing I’m saying is that people should have the right to know what it is they’re putting in their bodies…we have approximately 70 percent of our foods in the supermarkets that’s genetically modified, and people don’t know which products are genetically modified.”

If it becomes law, it would be a Class C misdemeanor to deliberately not label fish or meat that’s been genetically modified.  However, anyone who used genetic modification unknowingly or unintentionally would not be in violation of the proposed law.