GOP candidate Dave Spence receives nod from Missouri Farm Bureau

Aug 10, 2012

Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and his Republican challenger Dave Spence spent Friday persuading members of the Missouri Farm Bureau to give them their endorsement.  Nixon told them that he has sought relief for drought-plagued farmers, hawked Missouri farm products around the world, and stood up to his own party’s president over how much work kids can do on family farms.

“Under the Obama Administration’s rule, a 15-year-old couldn’t help bale hay on his grandfather’s farm. That doesn’t make any sense. Here in Missouri we encourage teens to learn the ways of the family farm. It’s a proud tradition, it’s who we are,” said Nixon.

But it was Dave Spence who won the Farm Bureau’s endorsement.  He told them that his business experience would translate well in handling agricultural issues, and that he would consult them on whom he should pick for the state’s Agriculture Director.  The Missouri Farm Bureau also endorsed Republican Todd Akin for US Senate, after hearing presentations from both he and Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.