Gov. Nixon optimistic over reaching a deal over workers compensation

May 15, 2012

With just a few days left to go in Missouri’s legislative session, Governor Jay Nixon says he’s optimistic about reaching a deal with lawmakers on workers’ compensation legislation he previously rejected.  While visiting a medical supplies company in North Kansas City on Tuesday to highlight positive economic and employment trends in the state, Nixon said he met with lawmakers Monday evening, before continuing work on the workers’ comp legislation.

"We’re almost to half time of legislature, we’re in last 2, 3 days here, we’ve had productive discussions and I’m hopeful we’ll get that measure through to our desk," Nixon said.
Earlier this year, Nixon vetoed legislation passed by the General Assembly that would have placed work-related diseases under worker’s compensation coverage, instead of letting parties go to court. The legislation would have also prohibited employees from suing each other over workplace injuries. During his Kansas City visit, Nixon also pushed for lawmakers to approve tax credits to encourage manufacturing jobs. Session ends this Friday evening.