Governor Nixon continues to push business side of Medicaid expansion

Feb 13, 2013

This week on the show: the Medicaid expansion debate continues. Plus: what Mid-Missourians are concerned about as the President prepares for his State of the Union address.

First, what seems to have become our weekly check in on the conversation about Medicaid expansion in the state. In numerous public appearances, Governor Jay Nixon has continued to push his proposal to expand Medicaid in Missouri, following the plan laid out in the Federal Affordable Care Act. Republican legislative leaders have voiced their hesitancy about the plan, worrying about the long-term costs of the expansion. A spokesman from Governor Nixon’s office actually contacted KBIA to see if we wanted a few minutes to talk about the proposal. KBIA’s Harum Helmy, who runs the health and Wealth Desk here, took him up on the offer. You can hear a portion of that interview in this week’s show by listening to the file above. Or you can listen to the raw interview here:

President Obama spoke to the nation  Tuesday night in the annual State of the Union address. KBIA’s Andrew Yost and Andrew Nichols went out on the streets of Columbia before the speech Tusday to talk to people about their expectations for the address. In this audio postcard, you’ll see they found no shortage of opinions or concerns. You’ll hear from Les Masters, Tyler Krueger, Rob Thompson, Melissa Frier, Alan Wilkening and Michelle Richmond.