Governor Nixon to go on trade mission to Canada

Mar 3, 2014

Governor Jay Nixon is going on a trade mission to Canada next week to bolster trade relationships.

Nixon’s spokesperson Scott Holste said Nixon’s goals are to solidify Missouri’s strong export market in Canada and to increase investment by Canadian companies in Missouri. Nixon will meet with the leaders of several major Canadian corporations during the visit.

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Holste said  Canada purchased nearly $4 billion worth of Missouri goods last year, including machinery, agricultural goods, chemicals and food products.

“We look forward to continuing strengthening our relationship with our export partners, and certainly the one right across our northern border has proven to be our top market for Missouri exports."

The Hawthorn Foundation will be funding the trip. Executive Director Elizabeth Bax said the Foundation hopes this trade mission will help sell Missouri products.

“I think the members of the Hawthorn Foundation feel that they would like to invest in the economic development of the state of Missouri.”

Agreement updates will continue to come in next week while Governor Nixon is in Canada.