GRO shuttles voters to polls

Apr 2, 2013

Mary Hussmann, with the organization Grass Roots Organizing, volunteered as a driver to help get voters to the polls today, Tuesday, April 2, 2013.
Credit Annie Trout / KBIA

Grass Roots Organizing, a non-profit organization also known as GRO, is providing free rides for voters to the polls today.

GRO volunteers hand out flyers around town in the days leading up to the elections so people are aware that the organization is willing to transport voters to the polls.

Mary Hussmann, a GRO organizer, volunteered to drive people to the polls today and says the idea is to give everyone a chance to vote.

“We just think this is a part of the democratic process and we’re happy to see as many people vote as possible. The higher the voter turnout – we think that makes for a better democratic process,” Hussmann says.

While GRO has strong opinions on how to vote for certain issues, Hussmann says she doesn’t tell the passengers how to vote.

“We just think it’s a healthy thing for as many people as you can to vote. If they don’t always vote the way we want, well that’s the way it is, but it’s still better to have people voting,” she says.

Hussmann says even though she’ll only take a handful of people to the polls today, she’s happy to make even a little bit of a difference.