Growing organic is the way to go

Nov 30, 2011

KBIA's Ryan Famuliner talks with Columbia Daily Tribune reporter Rudi Keller about the latest in the Mamtek hearing.  Plus, talk about a cash crop.  A recent study suggests organic crops could bring in more money per acre.

The failure of the Mamtek artificial sugar plant in Moberly has been an ongoing news story for months now… and this week the dirty laundry is getting aired out in Jefferson City. A legislative committee held hearings with representatives from Moberly and the from Missouri Department of Economic Development or DED. On Tuesday, it was revealed that the DED had an e-mail report months before the deal was approve. It said a representative on the ground in China was having a hard time finding the Mamtek plant there. Moberly leaders say that information would have sent up some red flags before committing to the deal, but Moberly’s economic development director says the city never received a copy of that e-mail. Now Moberly’s on the hook for 39 million dollars in bonds for the Mamtek facility.

Columbia Daily Tribune reporter Rudi Keller broke this story in early September and has been covering it ever since.  Ryan Famuliner talked with Keller Wednesday during a break in the hearing where the Director of the DED testified for the first time.

Organic farming in the Midwest remains a small portion of the farming industry, even as demand for organic products has grown. But a new study shows that some farmers might be missing out. Organic grain crops bring in significantly more cash per acre than their conventional counterparts.