Hamoodi to begin federal prison sentence

Aug 28, 2012

Columbia Businessman Shakir Hamoodi is expected to begin a 3 year federal prison sentence Tuesday afternoon.

Shakir’s son Husam was working at World Harvest Market in Columbia Monday afternoon – Shakir’s last day before he began his prison sentence.

Husam said around 50 people had stopped by the store throughout the day to say goodbye to Shakir.

He also said Shakir has been very busy these past few days. He compared his father’s prison sentence to it being like someone saying ‘you have three months to live.’

“So, he’s been trying to finish everything he’s been putting off. And trying to tell us all life lessons in the past couple days,” Husam said.

Husam said his father will travel to Fort Leavenworth with a big group of supporters from Columbia, and will then begin his sentence at 2 p.m.