Hartzler looks to Boonville residents for input

Nov 6, 2013

Vicky Hartzler
Credit Wikimedia Common

Residents in Cooper County are speaking out about the issues they want to see represented in Congress.

With changes in redistricting, Republican Representative Vicky Hartlzer is representing Cooper County for the first time.

Hartzler’s staff sponsored a meeting in Boonville last night with hopes of hearing what is important to the constituents in the area.

At the meeting, residents were able to express concerns on issues that affect their daily lives, from health care to genetically modified organisms.

Nancy Ward, a resident of Boonville, is married to a physician in town. She said they want to see more answers about the Affordable Care Act. 

“There’s just a lot of uncertainty around it, and we’re just afraid of the effect it’s having on our patients,” Ward said.

Barbara Dahl, a resident of Cooper County, said she hopes to see Hartlzer take action on genetically modified organisms.

Dahl is a beekeeper and said she has seen her bees die as a result of GMO effects and would like to see Hartzler bring awareness to issues like this. 

While the meeting was a start, Ron Swift, a member of the Cooper County tea party, would like to see more.

“We needed Vicky to come see us," Swift said. "We don’t know her well, I don’t think a lot of people in our county do know her well."