Helen Anthony to resign from Columbia City Council

Oct 16, 2012

A member of Columbia’s City Council is resigning with two years left in her term.

Councilmember Helen Anthony announced her resignation at Monday’s City Council meeting. Anthony began her term in 2011, but she says she needs to call it quits for personal reasons. Anthony’s husband took a job in Providence, Rhode Island, shortly after her election to the Council.

“The city and the fifth ward deserve to have a representative that can be here most of the time, and I just cannot be here most of the time at this point. So it is with great regret that I announce that I am going to resign,” Anthony said.

Her father also lives near the east coast, and Anthony says she needs to be able to see her family more often.

“My father, who lives in Connecticut, is 83 years old. He had a valve replacement this summer, and it’s made me realize I need to spend as much time with family as I can,” Anthony said.

Anthony’s resignation is effective November 30th. The City Council will operate with one fewer member until fifth ward voters choose Anthony’s replacement in a municipal election.