Holocaust Remembrance Week: Remembering our past while looking forward

Apr 9, 2013

Sunday marked the start of Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Day, which commemorates Jews who died as a result of Nazi actions. University of Missouri’s Jewish Campus Center Mizzou Hillel marked the beginning of its annual Holocaust Remembrance week Sunday with a documentary at Ragtag. President of the Jewish Student Organization Kelsey Kupferer (who has in the past reported for KBIA) explains that this week isn’t just about what happened seventy years ago.

“It’s a week of learning about the holocaust and learning about how we can prevent it in the future, and also learning about genocides that have happened more recently than the Holocaust and how we can put an end to those,” Kupferer said.

On the horizon for the week are a play hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Church, an art display housed in Ellis Library, and a talk by Holocaust survivor Roland Levi. The events were spearheaded by Paige Zohoury of  the Jewish Student Organization.

“I hope that people can be aware of kind of what they’re saying, what they’re doing so in the future there’s no more prosecution of people for their religion,” said Zohoury

Below is a full calendar of events for the Holocaust Remembrance Week.

Credit Mizzou Hillel