Holts Summit residents report AC theft

Oct 8, 2012

Between August and September, at least six Holts Summit residents have reported theft of materials from outdoor portions of their central AC units.

Condensing units, compressors and copper piping have been stolen from these AC units presumably to be sold for scrap. Investigator Detective Mark Beardsley said the price to replace all the damaged systems is $11,000.

 “I’m not sure if they’re scrapping them, recycling the outlets or if they’re reusing them to repair other people’s units,” said Beardsley.

Beardsley said thefts are not usually a common crime to the Holts Summit area. The increasing copper prices may have been the reason behind these thefts. Holts Summit Yard, which recycles metal, said aluminum copper extracted from the radiator of AC units can be worth $1.41 per pound. The Holts Summit Police Department advises residents to report any suspicious activity.