Hoppe says clean campaign helped her win 6th ward seat

Apr 3, 2012

Supporters of Barbara Hoppe congratulated her for her victory in the 6th ward council race at her watch party in downtown Columbia. After hearing the final results, Hoppe said her victory shows what kind of campaign the citizens want.

“They want a campaign that’s positive and issue oriented, that respects the intelligence of the voter and respects the other candidate also,” she said.   She said during this campaign she felt like roles between her and her supporters switched. “They came to my defense, so they were like the mother bear, and I’m the baby bear. When I represent them, I’m like the mother bear,” she said. “They’re there to hold me up and protect me and support me and vote for me.” Hoppe hopes to continue with current work in the council, as well as increase attention to affordable housing in Columbia. But she said her first task is simpler. She will be giving her dog a bath. “He’s been waiting, and I had to tell him ‘After Tuesday,’” she said. This will be Hoppe’s third term as the 6th ward representative.