House Democrats to revive Ethics Bill 1

Nov 27, 2012

House Democrats say they’ll again try to get campaign contribution limits restored in Missouri when next year’s regular legislative session begins. 

Credit Ryan Famuliner / KBIA

The Missouri Supreme Court reinstated caps on campaign contributions in 2007, but a 2008 law removed them again.  Jake Hummel of St. Louis takes over next year as the top Democrat in the Missouri House.  He says they’ll push for an ethics bill similar to one in 2010 that had support in both parties.

“It unfortunately was derailed by the majority, and over the last two years we’ve had little to no movement in ethics reform,” Hummel says.

That bill, and the one Democrats are now proposing, would cap donations at $5,000 per donor for candidates running for statewide offices and legislative seats.  It would also force non-profit groups that donate to political campaigns to disclose their donors.