How to explain MO GOP losses?

Nov 20, 2012

This week on the show: Republicans don’t fare well in statewide races despite a strong win for Mitt Romney in the state. Plus, how many people actually voted. Are we counting them right?

Two weeks ago, Missouri Republican candidates were trounced in the statewide races. In fact, out of the 6 races at a statewide level, only one Republican candidate came out on top: incumbent Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder. In what many consider to be an increasingly red state, how did the Republican Party lose? St. Louis Public Radio and Beyond November’s Chris McDaniel takes a look.

To further confuse you on the state of the state when it comes to political leanings, check out this map of the results of the last three Congressional elections – county by county. You can click year-to-year, and see the state turn redder and redder.

We count just about everything related to elections: polling numbers, Electoral College votes and percentage of voter turnout. But as KBIA’s Lukas Udstuen tells us – despite all of our counting, we might not actually have a firm grasp on the real percentage of voters who turn out to vote.