Favorable weather leads to good urban deer hunting season

Oct 16, 2012

According to Missouri Department of Conversation, hunters had a good harvest in the urban firearms deer hunting season, which took place from Oct. 5 - 8.

This year’s urban deer hunt had a harvest of more than 1,100 deer statewide, almost double the figure from last year.

Joel Porath, wildlife regional supervisor for the Missouri Department of Conservation, said because the urban season is so short, the harvest is almost exclusively tied to weather.

“If there is cooler temperatures, then, there is typically, the deer is more active, and hunters are more, readily able to participate, or desire to participate more," Porath said.

The increase may also result from a healthy and large deer herd. Tom Strother, Protection Regional Supervisor of the Missouri Conservation Department, said the Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease outbreak associated with the drought this year is mainly in rural areas.

“We do suspect that we may see some affects, some decreases in some of the deer harvests, but we certainly didn’t see that issue during the urban portion," Strother said.

The next firearms hunting season begins in early November.