Hunters urged to take caution to combat Chronic Wasting Disease

Oct 23, 2013

Credit File Image / KBIA News

Conservation officials in Missouri want deer hunters to take precautions this fall in order to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. CWD cases are so far limited to a containment zone in north central Missouri, with the state’s first documented case occurring three years ago.

Joe Jerek with the state Conservation Department said hunters should wear latex gloves when field-dressing a deer.

"We encourage hunters to remove the meat in the field if possible, and leave the carcass behind, and even bury it if possible," he said. "For those hunters who are having their deer processed for them, we encourage them to take their deer to a licensed commercial processer to assure proper carcass disposal."

Jerek said deer with CWD stop eating and tend to stumble around. The disease cannot be transmitted to humans, but conservation officials fear it could affect the state’s recently restored elk herd in southern Missouri.