It'll be Still vs. Schaefer in the 19th Senate District

Aug 8, 2012

Democratic State Representative Mary Still will try to unseat Republican Kurt Schaefer from his 19th district Senate seat in November.

Both Still and Schaefer were unopposed in the primary election. Like most districts in Mid-Missouri, Still’s House district was drastically redrawn because of the 2010 census. Still was not term-limited in the house, and could have run in one of the new districts, including district 45 against long-time Democratic House Member Chris Kelly.

Instead, Still is taking on Schaefer, who holds one of the most powerful positions in the Senate as Appropriations Committee Chairman.

At an election party for a Democratic nominee for Missouri’s House, Still said she realizes it won’t be an easy election, but is confident as the general election campaign season begins.

“People are wanting someone they can relate to, someone who can cut through the red tape in Jefferson City, someone who has some understanding of the challenges that the middle class is facing in our community,” Still said.

The 19th Senate District includes all of Boone and Howard counties.