Jason Truner named Jefferson City interim fire chief

Mar 8, 2013

Jefferson City announced Jason Turner as its interim fire chief in the wake of longtime Fire Chief Bob Rennick’s retirement.

City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus chose Turner for his 16 years of experience serving as the department’s public information officer in the fire administration. Turner says it is an honor to become interim fire chief and he places a great importance on providing the best service he can to Jefferson City’s citizens.  

“My goals is just making sure that we continue to provide the best service we can to our community, making sure that they’re safe, and probably more importantly, making sure that the fire fighters that work for the Jefferson City Fire Department have the tools, equipment, and training they need to stay safe," Turner said.

This is the first opening for fire chief of Jefferson City’s Fire Department since Rennick first took the job 33 years ago. There is no timetable for the hiring of a permanent fire chief, but Rennick says given the financial condition of the city, he has heard it will be at least a year before the selection process for the permanent fire chief will take place.

After 33 years serving as fire chief for Jefferson City’s Fire Department, Bob Rennick has decided to call it quits. Rennick says that although he has loved saving lives and helping out the community over the years, he thinks his time has come to retire.

“I’m 66 years of age; I’ve been here as chief for 33 years, that’s half of my life. You know, you’ve gotta enjoy life and do something besides what you’ve been doing all your life, at some point," Rennick said.

Rennick endorses the hire of Jason Turner as interim fire chief due to his experience and the good rapport he has established with the fire department personnel. Rennick served the Columbia Fire Department for nine years before his 33 years of service to Jefferson City.