Jefferson City building Missouri's first high school academy

Oct 1, 2012

Jefferson City is building Missouri’s first high school academy, where students can pick from a variety of career paths before entering college.

The introductory architectural drawing of the facilities was presented this morning at a news conference.

David Luther is the Assistant Superintendent for School Community Relations. He said the city has been planning on building a new, innovative academy for three years now

“We would be the first high school to have academies," said Luther. "At least wall-to-wall academies, which is what we’re going for; seven different academies. If they want to take a class that’s not in their academy, they can do that, they can pop out. So let’s say you’re an engineering student and you want to be in band, we can make that work.”

Each of the seven academy buildings will have an emphasis area, ranging from business, agriculture and engineering. Luther said the completion date of the high school construction depends on whether or not voters pass a bond and levy. The voting will take place in April 2013.