Jefferson City Council approves $31 million budget

Sep 20, 2012

The Jefferson City Council approved the 2013 city budget on Monday.

Councilman Ralph Bray says it took the council over a month to come up with the $31 million budget.

“We were able to be more efficient by making cuts through all the different departments and kind of redirect some funds to programs that needed funding and programs that are working, making Jefferson City a better place to live,” Bray says.

Some of those programs include the transit system, public safety, and personnel. Bray says the new budget looks a lot like previous years, only differing in minor funding cuts to programs. 

One of those is JCTV.

JCTV Manager Gloria Enloe says the station received a 33 percent cut in the 2013 budget.

“Well, I think there are some people on the city council that want Lincoln University to play a bigger role financially than they do, they want Lincoln University to maybe fund half of the station’s budget," Enloe says.

For now, JCTV is only funded until next June.

Lincoln University’s fiscal year starts in July, and Enloe hopes Lincoln will pick up some of the station’s funds then.