Jefferson City man gets death sentence for 2009 murder

Nov 26, 2013

Credit steakpinball_0 / Flickr

A Jefferson City man has been sentenced to die for the 2009 killing of a woman with whom he had a relationship while she was separated from her husband, who was also shot to death.

Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce agreed with a jury's recommendation in imposing the sentence Tuesday on 58-year-old David Hosier. KRCG-TV reports Hosier addressed the court for about 10 minutes, denying he shot Angela Gilpin and claiming the real killer remains at large.

Angela and Ronald Gilpin were found dead in September 2009 at Angela's Jefferson City apartment. Prosecutors said Angela Gilpin had an affair with Hosier while separated from her husband, but the Gilpins were trying to reconcile.

Hosier was charged in both killings, but the status of the case in Ronald's death is unclear.