Jefferson City Public Schools working deal for new high school

Apr 25, 2012

Jefferson City Public Schools is in negotiations with Lincoln University and Linn State Technical College as part of a plan to build a new high school to replace the old facility.

Jefferson City Public Schools announced Tuesday its hope to develop what it calls a “higher education corridor” near Lincoln University.  David Luther, the assistant to the Superintendent for Jefferson City Public Schools, says the hope is to sell its current 30 acre campus, including Nichols Career Center and Adkins Stadium, to the two colleges.

“We would be in a position to run a bond issue that would allow us to build a new high school in another location. That high school would be better equipped to serve our student population," he said.

The proposal is to build a new $70 million high school on 100 acres of land located in the Lafayette Street/Stadium Boulevard area. The new school would serve students in grades 9 through 12, and would include athletic facilities for all sports directly adjacent to the new campus.  The athletic facilities for the current campus are spread out within the city.  Representatives from the two colleges said it was too early to comment on the negotiations.