Jefferson City restaurants make ordering easier for diabetics

Nov 6, 2012

The Capitol Region Medical Center kicks off a new program to help its diabetic patients. The program works with area restaurants to provide a diabetic detailed menu to customers. Capitol Region Medical Center Dietitian Sarah Burbee heads the program.

“We ask them to follow a certain carbohydrate meal plan so they get a budget of carbohydrates," Burbee said. "Well, that becomes difficult when they don’t eat at home, and they are eating in a restaurant. There are some restaurants, like the chain-restaurants, that supply nutrition information. It’s really easy for them to look it up.”

Burbee said is more difficult to get this information when dining at locally-owned restaurants. These menus will be available to customers who ask for them beginning Nov. 10, 2012. The participating restaurants include, Café Via Roma, Angelina’s Café, Grand Café, Johnny’s Pizza, Rita’s Restaurant, Butch’s BBQ, Boulevard Café, Vitality Café, Paddy Malone’s and Domenico’s.

Vitality Café Owner Olivia Hudek-Foss said she is glad to offer another healthy option to her vegan café.

“I just figured it would be an excellent way to expand information to people with dietary needs, in this case, diabetes," Hudek-Foss said.

Burbee said she is glad this program can help her patients stay on track when eating out. She also said she hopes more restaurants step forward and ask to participate in the program.