Jefferson City school board members look forward to implementation of iPads for freshman

Jun 19, 2013

Credit Sean MacEntee / Flickr

Jefferson City's Board of Education has plans to put iPads into the hands of the incoming high school freshman class of 20-14 – 20-15. 

At its regular meeting Monday night, board members said they were enthusiastic about the new policy.

Jefferson City Schools Superintendent Brian Mitchell said he is confident in his students to use the technology to the best of their abilities, without allowing it to create distractions.

“Just the opposite,” Mitchell said. “I’m afraid that if we’re not engaging our kids with technology, that they’re not going to be focused, that they’re not going to pay attention.”

The policy will also extend to the elementary school system, with teachers having one iPad for every five students.

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education Kathy Foster said the technology will allow students to develop at a faster rate and help them to learn.

One purpose is to really start teaching comprehensive technology competencies, starting in kindergarten, building up into senior year of high school,” Foster said.

The Jefferson City Board of Education has purchased 1,700 iPads for the 2014 – 2015 school year and has trained all of its teachers on how to use the devices and implement them into their classrooms.