Jefferson City Schools announce belief statement

Jun 25, 2012

Leaders in the Jefferson City Public School District have drawn up a statement of seven beliefs that they think will better define Jefferson City Public Schools and drive student success. David Luther is the Assistant Superintendent with the school district. He was also at the retreat last week where leaders worked on the list.

“The discussion was very good – it was pretty intense," Luther said.

Leaders began with about 20 statements. Luther says their goal was to boil down the ideas to eliminate redundancy.

“We gave everybody little clickers so they could cast their vote on their approval level," Luther said. "Then, we revised and revised and revised.”

The final statements emphasize individualized instruction, high expectations for the entire learning community and an education that prepares students for work after graduation. Luther says the district will continue to meet on a regular basis, while also conducting focus groups and forums to gain public insight. Luther says a comprehensive school improvement plan will likely be available in the spring of next year