Jefferson City to vote on tax measures

May 22, 2012

A measure that would reduce property taxes and slightly increase sales tax is going to Jefferson City voters this August.

If passed, a property tax that currently funds pensions for the Jefferson City Fire Department would be reduced by 17 percent. A new one-fourth of one percent sales tax would fund upgrades to the department.

The city council voted to put the measure on the ballot at Monday's meeting.

Jefferson City Fire Captain Scott Spencer says a sales tax is more effective to fund department operations because it includes visitors and temporary residents who don’t pay property taxes.

“We do offer those services, emergency services to those folks, and they deserve those services once they come into our community, but having them be able to contribute to the cost of our operations is a big plus in that,” Spencer said.

Opponents of the measure say funding should come from the city’s budget and a sales tax might hurt low-income citizens.

Voters will decide on the August 17th ballot.