Jefferson City voters reject move to expand city limits

Nov 12, 2012

Cole County and Jefferson City residents voted against extending Jefferson City’s boundaries last week. Proposition One would have extended city limits to include an area called Meadows by the Lake along with two hotels and a store within the area.

City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus said there was a high voter turnout, and 65 percent of voters agreed with it. But, the support needed to pass the proposition was still a little short of 66.6 percent. Nickolaus said the reason for the proposition failure could be tied to voters not being informed about it.

“There was a high number of people who just didn’t vote on that issue what so ever, that kind of indicates to me that a lot of people maybe weren’t aware of it,” Nickolaus said.

Nickolaus said the city respects the voting decision and continues to look forward to growing Jefferson City.