Judge hears redistricting arguments

Jan 31, 2012

Opening arguments were held Tuesday for the congressional redistricting lawsuit.  The suit is being held in lower court because the Missouri Supreme Court ordered a review of the redrawn map.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs argued that the state constitution requires Missouri’s congressional districts to be as compact as possible, and that the map passed by lawmakers last year fails that test.  Jim Layton, arguing for the state, told Judge Daniel Green that drawing a map that would meet everyone’s definition of compactness is impossible.

“The question before you, your Honor, will be:  Have these plaintiffs proven (that) the HB193 plan does not fall into the acceptable range?  And frankly, I don’t believe they can do it," Layton said.

Missouri is losing a congressional district due to slow population growth. The State Supreme Court has given Judge Green until Friday to render a decision.

The court hearing will continue Wednesday.