KBIA visits Jefferson City, MO.

Feb 2, 2012

Jefferson City can sometimes be thought as the smaller town next to Columbia, but it has it's own rich history even beyond being the state capital. Nobody knows the history, and tells its stories better than Bob Priddy, whose "Across Our Wide Missouri" series of books are full of the narrative of our state's past.

Jefferson City is a city of neighborhoods, many with distinct ethnic backgrounds, including a lot of German settlers. One of the cornerstones of the German-American community in Jefferson City is the Central United Church of Christ, we'll meet their pastor, Stephen Buchholz, who tells us how the heritage of those immigrants is still part of the church's life, from the music to yummy treats one finds at the holidays around this lovely old church on Jefferson Street. 

History through a church full of immigrant ancestors, and one of our state's great story-tellers, as we visit Jefferson City with KBIA!

This postcard from Jefferson City is part of the 40/40 Project: KBIA is celebrating its 40th anniversary by visiting 40 different towns in Mid-Missouri.  Find them all at The 40/40 Project.