Kelsey Gillespy's "Little Light"

Dec 8, 2012

In this week's faith and values update, we hear from Kelsey Gillespy, the Catholic writer for Columbia Faith and values. She just finished a made-at-home documentary called "This Little Light," which aims to dispel misconceptions about Christianity – some of which she used to have herself, even though she grew up Christian. 

The project began with some friends in college, but it never came to fruition because they were all too busy. Recently, Gillespy decided to finish it herself, editing everything at home, and casting her husband as the host and narrator. The film is a mix of narration, man-on-the-street interviews and conversations with religious leaders from several different denominations. 

Gillespy is giving away DVDs for free, and so far, she's shared it with the religious leaders who helped make it possible. For more information, find the Little Light Project on Facebook, or email 

You can also listen to the full interview below: 


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This is the first in our series of interviews with Columbia Faith and Values' writers from around the community – stay tuned for more writer interviews in the weeks to come.