Kinder calls on legislators to refuse health insurance exchange, Medicaid expansion

Nov 16, 2012

Health insurance exchanges are online marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can buy plans. It's a component of the Affordable Care Act.
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Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is urging state lawmakers to refrain from creating a health insurance exchange or expanding Medicaid when they convene for their regular session next year. 

The Republican Lt. Governor, who was just elected to a third term, has been an outspoken critic of the president’s Affordable Care Act and filed one of several lawsuits across the country challenging its constitutionality.  In a written statement he says creating an exchange would violate the state’s Healthcare Freedom Act passed by Missouri voters two years ago.  He also calls on the legislature to not pass any bills that would set up a state-run exchange or expand Medicaid.  Democratic Governor Jay Nixon, meanwhile, says he’s barred from creating an exchange unless lawmakers move to do so, because of a ballot initiative that passed on Election Day.  If they don’t, the feds will step in and create one for Missouri.