Kirksville REDI hires middle school teacher as new director

Dec 23, 2011

Kirksville Regional economic development, Inc has announced its new Director of Job Creation.

Carolyn Chrisman will leave her job as a middle school teacher in Kirksville to take the job on January 3rd. Chrisman is also a member of the City Council and the Kirksville School Board, although she says she’ll step down from those roles to take the position as the leader of K-REDI. She says being a Kirksville native will be an asset in her new job.

 “You know I didn’t have a choice of being born here but I had a choice of staying here. I think that will help me to definitely sell what is truly Kirksville. I think it will also help me to be honest about what, Kirksville, what we do well, and maybe what some of our struggles are or what we need to do better,” Chrisman said.

Chrisman says she sees a lot of opportunities for growth in Kirksville: specifically in the fields of education, health care and agriculture. She’s also served on the Planning and Zoning commission and on several other local boards. Chrisman says former Director Phil Tate will stay on to help her adjust to the job in her first month. Tate announced his retirement earlier this year.