Lake of the Ozarks police looking to add staff

Apr 6, 2012

The Lake of the Ozarks Board of Alderman is in no rush to give the green light to add a new police officer in the city.

Lake of the Ozarks Police Chief Mark Maples asked the aldermen to look into adding a new officer to his staff several weeks ago. Maples says over the years the demand for additional officers has increased.

“We went back and looked at the 10 year as far as calls for services and needs for the city’s police department and realized that over the last few years the demand for city’s police resources have increased,” said Maples.

The addition of a new police officer was not originally in the city’s budget plan. Board of Aldermen member Tony Otto says he is not sure when the Board will come to a decision and says a fast decision is never better than a good one.