Language and agriculture

Jun 13, 2012

A war over words is part of a bigger struggle between agriculture interests and their critics. Plus, a national report looks at agriculture research grants from private corporations to land grant Universities, including MU.

As in any many disputes, language is playing a big role. For example: this spring, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, while defending the beef product that came to be known as “pink slime,” accused critics of using smear language, similar to that used in race or religion issues.

Reporting from Iowa for Harvest Public Media, Sandhya Dirks explores the latest battle cry – bullying.

A report in April from the Washington based environmental group, Food and Water Watch, researched the relationship between public universities and the corporations that give the schools agriculture research grants. The report says corporate money was accounting for a large part of funding to agriculture schools all around the country, including the University of Missouri.  KBIA News’ Kyle Cardine has more.