Legislators' Last Chance to Rectify Tax Credit Bill

The leader of the Missouri Senate said he’ll make one last-ditch effort to reach an agreement with the House on an economic development bill.  President Pro Tem Rob Mayer and other Senate leaders remain pessimistic about their chances for success.

By Marshall Griffin (Jefferson City, Mo.)

Mayer said some Senate Republicans wanted to go ahead and vote to end the special legislative session, which has dragged on since early September.  They remain at odds with House Republicans over whether 7-year expiration dates should be placed on low income and historic preservation tax credits.

“Unless we get about the business of reigning in the amount of tax credits that are authorized and redeemed, this legislature in the near future is gonna have to make difficult decisions that will cause major reductions to education,” Mayer said.

Mayer will ask the Senate next week to vote on appointing a conference committee to negotiate a final version of the tax credit bill.  If the vote fails or if the House doesn’t respond, Mayer said he intends to end the special session.