Legislators review re-worked workplace discrimination bill

Apr 11, 2012

A State House committee began a hearing Tuesday into a stripped-down version of the workplace discrimination bill. 

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the House version last month, so backers are now pushing a revised bill that will primarily focus on protecting whistleblowers. 

Republican House Member Kevin Elmer of Christian County says language that would redefine workplace discrimination as a motivating factor instead of a contributing one has been removed:

“We’re going to continue to discuss them, but obviously if you look at what the changes are that we’re doing, we’re kind of laying those aside for the time being,” Elmer said.

Democrats on the Workforce Development Committee still expressed opposition to the bill, one calling it a, quote, “solution in search of a problem.” 

The hearing was suspended and is set to resume next week.  The Governor’s office, meanwhile, has not yet commented on the revised measure.