Legislators spar over Obama budget

Feb 14, 2012

US Senator Claire McCaskill says President Barack Obama’s budget, which was released Monday, is a workable document.

The president has a $3.8 trillion spending plan that seeks to achieve four-trillion-dollars in deficit reduction over the next decade. McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, says it’s important to keep a handle on spending. But certain investments are necessary.

“While we want long-term to get our government on a glide path to less spending, in the short haul we can’t turn out the light switch because that would have a negative impact on what is now beginning to be a fledgling recovery that we’re beginning to feel and we’ve got a ways to go yet,” McCaskill said.

Missouri’s Republican Senator, Roy Blunt, calls the president’s budget a campaign document that “includes the highest tax hike in American history and more of the same reckless spending that has forced our nation’s record debt to skyrocket.”