Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate speaks briefly in Columbia

Nov 5, 2012

The Libertarian candidate for U.S. Vice President is in the Midwest wrapping up the final days of a national campaign. One of his many stops included Columbia on Sunday.

Judge Jim Gray was only in Columbia for a 30 minutes on Sunday to promote Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, but he did not waste any time. Gray spent most of the forum discussing the Libertarian platform. Johnson’s team promotes drug-law reform, marriage equality, and reducing the size of the federal government. Gray said Missouri is an important stop, because Missourians need more exposure to Libertarian values.

“People here in Missouri — the Show Me State like I say — you are willing to be shown," Gray said. "You’re independent; you’re willing to listen. The Libertarian Party is perfectly suited for that independent way of thinking.”

Gray’s plea is a 5 percent win in the election on Tuesday. If this is accomplished, the Libertarian Party can match funds in the next election, and will not have to fight their way onto the 2016 ballot. Columbia resident Harry Hill said he hopes this happens, but thinks the U.S. population is motivated by fear.

“It’s the old thing that “we got a two-party system," Hill said. "It doesn’t matter. They’re going to go with the so-called lesser of two evils.”

Other stops on Sunday included St. Louis and Warrensburg. Gray plans to spend time in Kansas City on Monday.