Live blog: April 2 municipal elections

Apr 2, 2013

Credit KBIA

  Voters today went to the polls to decide municipal elections across the state.  KBIA reporters are in the field and following races  in Columbia and Jefferson city.  Check this live blog regularly to get results and pictures from watch parties.

Polls are closed, but you can check out our Columbia voter's guide here. The rest of our election coverage is here.

The latest numbers for Boone County votes are available here.  Cole County voters can check on the results here.

Updated 9:33: More than 97% of the vote is in and we can now safely call the below Columbia races.  Within the Columbia city limits, all 34 precincts are counted, completing the election.  Jefferson City races can't be called till tomorrow morning.  

Mayor: Bob McDavid (61%)

Third Ward: Karl Skala (54%)

Fourth Ward: Ian Thomas (48%)

Boone County Proposition 1: YES (57%)

City of Columbia Proposition 1: YES (70%)

Updated 9:27: Mayoral candidates are just about ready to admit defeat/declare victory:

Updated 9:11: Many of these races seem decided.  Although no candidates are admitting defeat as of yet.

At Skala's watch party, the mood is bright.  Skala held Kespohl's seat years ago.  Now he may take it back:

Updated 8:57: We are now at 37 of 47 precincts, giving us 78% percent of the vote. Many of these races are probably done with, though KBIA will typically not call races.  Bob McDavid is looking very strong in the mayoral race, as is Skala in the Third Ward and Thomas in the Fourth.  Both propositions are receiving huge support:


  • Bob McDavid: 61%
  • Sid Sullivan: 38%

Third Ward:

  • Karl Skala: 54%
  • Gary Kespohl: 46%

Fourth Ward (with 80% of the vote reported):

  • Daryl Dudley: 43%
  • Ian Thomas: 49%
  • Bill Weitkemper: 7%

City of Columbia Proposition 1 (82% reporting):

  • Yes: 70%
  • No: 30%

Boone County Proposition 1 (79% reporting):

  • Yes: 63%
  • No: 43%

Updated 8:54: The third ward is turning into a dramatic race:

Updated 8:37: We've got 25% of the votes counted and trends are starting to be clear.  In the mayoral race, Mayor Bob McDavid leads challenger Sid Sullivan with 60%.  In the third ward, challenger Skala leads Kespohl 62% to 38%.  In the fourth ward, Ian Thomas has a solid 10% lead over incumbent Daryl Dudley.  Bill Weitkemper is limping along with 6% and is likely not to be a contender in this fight.

City of Columbia Proposition 1 (the city charter amendment that affects eminent domain) has the lion's share of these votes and is looking strong 70% to 29%.

Boone County Proposition 1 (the 911 tax) is leaning "yes" at 56% of the vote.

Updated 8:25: KBIA reporters are starting to get the hang of vine! Reporter Bridgit Bowden put together this nice vine video giving you a sense of fourth ward candidate Ian Thomas' watch party:

Updated 8:12: Still only absentee ballots available and it might be a little while before the first batch of regular votes are counted.  In the meantime enjoy this weird vine tweet reporter Casey Morell brings us: from the Yes on 1 party.

Updated 7:59: KBIA reporter Khalilah Henderson reports on Ian Thomas' (very) early lead:


Updated 7:45: Absentee ballots are in!  It's only 665 votes, but they show some trends.  In Columbia, Mayor Bob McDavid is taking a lead over challenge Sid Sullivan.  And in the fourth ward, Ian Thomas has a significant lead over Bill Weitkemper and incumbent Daryl Dudley.