Live in studio: The Flood Brothers [video]

Nov 22, 2013

The flood brothers live in KBIA's studios
Credit Andrew Yost / KBIA
Musicians Gabe Meyer and Jake Best define their sound as raw, deep blues mixed with hypno-boogie. The two are collectively known as The Flood Brothers and sat down in the KBIA studio and gave us a taste of what they call “deep thumpy dirty dance” music.
Gabe Meyer and Jake Best have far from what they would consider a normal music career. Before they had a single track recorded, they were touring across the country with the likes of Kent Burnside and the sons of Junior Kimbrough. In 2008 after years on the road, the two went back to their roots in Columbia and Hannibal, MO and began playing shows under the name The Flood Brothers. The duo stopped by the KBIA studio and shared their experience. The Flood Brothers will be playing live this December 19 at Mojos.