Live in studio: KBIA presents The Hooten Hallers

Nov 20, 2013

The Hootenhallers live in the KBIA studio
Credit Andrew Yost / KBIA
 Musicians John Randall, Andy Rehm and Paul Weber  call their music "Rock n' Roll & Hillbilly Soul." The three are collectively known as The Hooten Hallers, and they sat down in the KBIA studios to play their version of blues, country, soul and rock n roll. Check out the video below for a twangy harmonic love song ("O Jolene"), a softer, meditative bluegrass styled ballad ("Trouble Is") and a boot stomping, reflective blues jam ("She Used to Love My Music"). 

The Hooten Hallers had to run to another gig right after their stop at our station but briefly talked about their transition from a local act to a nationally touring group. The group will be playing live this December 31st.