McCaskill Sees Improvement of Arlington National Cemetary Management

 Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said she’s cautiously optimistic that management problems at Arlington National Cemetery have been solved.

By Julie Bierarch (St. Louis)

The democratic senator visited the cemetery on Friday to assess changes made there following the revelation that thousands of graves were mislabeled or unmarked.

McCaskill co-sponsored a law that requires congressional oversight of the burial grounds, and requires cemetery officials to submit a grave site analysis. She said that report will be delivered December 22 and so far, is 86 percent complete.

“There are a number of discrepancies that have been found. Thankfully this has not been who is buried where, but rather differences between the dates in the records and the dates on the marker, a lack of a marker as it relates to spouses who are buried. ”

McCaskill said she’s now turning her attention to the Dover military mortuary where the Air Force said workers in 2009 twice lost track of body parts of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan.