McCaskill serves up burgers and fries to potential voters

Oct 16, 2012

Election Day is less than a month away and both national and local candidates are pushing their campaigns before the final date to vote. KBIA’s caught up with Senator Clare McCaskill at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing in Columbia today as she shed some insight on her political views of the middle-class. 

The Senator waited on four tables in her hometown where she says she once worked her way through college. McCaskill says her first hand experience as a working college student better solidifies her stance on support for the middle-class and college student loans.  

“I felt right at home pretty quickly," said McCaskill. "And it just reminds me how many young people there are that are burning the candle at both ends. And how many single moms there are that go back to school trying to take care of children and are working jobs and are struggling and juggling.”

MU sophomore Mitchell Perne says he feels inspired after seeing a candidate who is down to earth.  

"She's like our champion for the middle class," said Perne.  
This isn't too good for her.  She's willing to do it.  Also, it just shows she can connect to people and she likes to be out here and do this stuff so I think this speaks a lot about her."

The Senator said she wants to keep the Pell Grant and pledges to work for other student loans and grants.  McCaskill says the hour-long event was also a reminder of how important the minimum wage is to middle-class families.