McCaskill waits on tables at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing

Oct 17, 2012

Senator Claire McCaskill stopped by Flat Branch Pub and Brewing in Columbia on Tuesday to show her support for students and middle class families.

McCaskill said she partly paid for college by working as a waitress. On Tuesday, she reenacted that experience as she waited tables at Flat Branch for an hour. McCaskill said she’s concerned about Missouri’s students.

“It’s also important that we keep minimum wage in place so that young people have an opportunity to help out as they go through what is a very expensive endeavor these days and that’s getting a college degree," McCaskill said

McCaskill said she received student loans when she studied Law at MU, and she supports the Pell Grants. Her opponent in the race for Missouri Senate, Republican Todd Akin, has said the government should not be involved with the student loan business.