McCaskill weighs in on Obama's immigration policy

Jun 18, 2012

US Senator Claire McCaskill visited Cape Girardeau Saturday morning for the opening of the Democratic Party  campaign headquarters.

The Missouri Senator told party faithful that she will fight against efforts to privatize Medicare and favors government support of student loans.

McCaskill holds a nuanced view of President Obama’s new immigration policy. She believes the young children of illegal immigrants should not be held accountable for their parents’ decisions. She adds it doesn’t make sense to deport them to a country they barely know.

“These are kids that have been in America all of their lives," said McCaskill.  "So I agree with that--I wish he hadn’t done it by executive order,  I prefer to do it by legislation I think that is the appropriate way to do it.” 

She says one of her main concerns is  employers that knowingly employ illegal immigrants. These employers, she says, should be held accountable.