McDavid wins second term against a familiar challenger

Apr 3, 2013

Mayoral incumbent Bob McDavid speaks to press at a watch party at Shiloh’s Bar and Grill in downtown Columbia.
Credit Lee Jian Chung / KBIA

  Mayoral incumbent Bob McDavid defeated challenger Sid Sullivan, winning 61 percent of the vote.

McDavid will be joined by new faces at the next city council meeting.

“Well, we got a lot to do, and we’ll hit the ground running tomorrow morning.” McDavid said. “I’ll be interested in talking to Karl Skala, I know Karl for many, many years and he’s a very smart man. I’ve worked with Ian Thomas in working with the transit system.”

McDavid’s priorities are based on a citywide survey conducted in 2011, a process he says he is looking to conduct on an annual basis. He says his next term will continue to focus on infrastructure, public safety and the economy.

“Finding jobs," McDavid said, "finding companies that can come to town to employ people at the whole range from the PhD physicists at the nuclear reactor to production jobs at the new company Beyond Meat.”

McDavid’s lone opponent, Sid Sullivan, received just over 39 percent of the vote. Sullivan lost a six-way mayoral race to Bob McDavid in 2010. Back then, he earned 12 percent of the votes to McDavid’s 54 percent. Despite the back-to-back defeats, Sullivan is proud of what he accomplished.

“Well, I think we did all we could. I mean, I have no regrets on the way we ran the campaign. I was really proud of my, ah, the people that I work with and I was very grateful for the kind of support I got.” Sullivan says.

Sullivan told KBIA that he did not plan on running for office again in the future, but noted that he thought the same thing after losing the 2012 mayoral race.