"Mega high school" ballot measure defeated in Jefferson City

Apr 3, 2013

Jefferson City residents who opposed a ballot measure for a new so-called “mega high school” are celebrating victory. 

According to KRCG-TV, 67 percent of voters decided against the ballot on Tuesday.

Dan Ortmeyer is the treasurer for Citizens for Two Public High Schools and the campaign leader which worked aginst the measure and supports one additional high school for use with the city current high school.

“Really the work begins now again," Ortmeyer said. "We still have a problem in Jeff City school district and we need to do something.”

Ortmeyer said he feels like the community would support the second smaller high school if it went before voters. He said Jefferson City high school can be renovated, and the renovation should be fair and open to the local people.

“We believe that they shouldn’t come back with the same proposal a year from now," Ortmeyer said. "It should be for legitimate second high school in Jefferson City. The only other thing I would like to say is that a lot of people in the community felt like it was quote 'jam down their throat.'"

Ortmeyer said he has never been involved in political process before the high school issue. He says he’d like to see a special committee formed within the community to work out a solution for the future.