Millions spent on Missouri road, farm proposals

Jul 28, 2014

Credit (tpsdav/pixabay)

Two proposals on Missouri's August ballot are attracting millions of dollars of campaign spending.

Finance reports filed Monday show supporters of a transportation tax already have spent $2.5 million and have nearly $1.7 million available for their final push.

By contrast, opponents of the three-quarters-cent sales tax have spent just a little over $22,000.

A proposal creating a constitutional right to farm has spawned a somewhat closer financial battle.

Missouri Farmers Care has spent nearly $800,000 in support of the Aug. 5 ballot proposal while Missouri'sFood for America has spent more than $400,000 opposing it.

Supporters have drawn significant contributions from agricultural groups such as the state soybean, pork and corn associations.

Most of the opposition money has come from the Humane Society of the United States.